NUK the World official rules

1. Golden rules

1.1. Do not lie about your age

NUK the World is open to persons 13 years of age and up. If you are under 13, you are not allowed to join NTW.

Your date of birth will not be publicly disclosed unless you choose to do so. Although many users elect to tell us their age in their introductions, you are not obligated to do so.

Anyone caught lying about their age will be permanently banned from this site and Discord server without warning. Moderators reserve the right to perform background checks on all users registering on this website to verify claims of age.

1.2. Keep it PG-13

We understand that this community is about a fetish. We ask that all posted discussions remain frank and no more explicit than absolutely necessary. See content guidelines below.

1.3. Be respectful

Please be respectful and open-minded towards others who may have views or aspects of their identity that are different than your own.

2. Discussion guidelines

2.1. Stay on-topic

Posts should be in some way related to the stated topic of the category or Discord channel you're posting in. If you want to have off-topic discussion with friends on here, post in The Break Room or in #general on the Discord server.

2.2. Limit unsolicited private messages

Solicit, or sending, private messages to/from other users from either a new account (under 1 week old) or from someone who has not posted meaningfully in at least 2-3 threads in the forums will be frowned upon, and the mods may ask you your motivations for doing so. Generally we ask that new users establish themselves a bit before sending PMs.

If you receive an unwelcome PM from any user, please report it in the Requests & Help category.

Adults 21 and over, please also read our adult-specific rules of engagement for this sub.

3. Content guidelines

3.1. Pictures of minors

This rule applies to clothing you are wearing. For items that are not being worn, see rule 3.2.

Pictures of yourself in age-appropriate street clothing are permitted only in areas restricted to age-verified users. No topless pictures are allowed, regardless of your sex or gender identity.

Any pictures of yourself in AB/DL related clothing must be in areas restricted to verified users only, and must be modest. No snap crotch clothing is allowed (e.g. onesies designed for use with diapers) unless the crotch portion is covered by clothing on the lower half and the crotch portion is not visible. No pictures of other kink gear may be posted (such as, but not limited to, latex, leather, harnesses, or collars).

No diapers, parts of diapers, or obvious outlines of diapers may be visible at any time.

Examples of permitted AB/DL related items:

  • footed sleepers
  • kigurumis
  • shortalls
  • pacifiers

Examples of prohibited items:

  • onesies (bottom half must be covered as discussed above)
  • plastic pants
  • diaper covers/soaker pants
  • homemade versions of any of these

If you post child porn, we will promptly remove it, ban you, and send as much information as we can find about you to the police.

3.2. Prohibited kink items in pictures

Photographs of used diapers are not permitted in this community, whether or not they are being worn. A "used diaper" is defined as a diaper soiled with anything that comes out of the human body.

Illustrated artwork depicting used diapers must not show excessive or unrealistic detail, particularly with regard to feces. As stated in Rule 3.7, artwork depicting these themes may be removed at the moderators' discretion.

Photographs or drawings depicting bondage gear, sex toys, or items that approximate the appearance of human genitalia, breasts or buttocks are not permitted.

3.3. Pictures of adults

/r/TBDL is subject to US law, therefore pictures of adults must not fit the US definition of pornography, which is:

  • Content which, in the mind of a reasonable person, would be considered obscene
  • Content which lacks any serious artistic or scientific value
  • Content which, in the mind of a reasonable person, appears to be created primarily with the intent to appeal to the prurient interest

Because /r/TBDL is a site primarily catering to teenagers, posting of any pornography to this site will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will result in an immediate ban without warning, and may be reported to the authorities.

3.4. Avoid excessive profanity

The occasional use of profanity is permitted but posts that employ it excessively may be removed at the moderators' discretion. We want you to feel free to express your feelings here in this sub, but there are more effective ways to do so than by dropping f-bombs every other word.

3.5. No linking to 18+ sites

Please don't post links to any site that explicitly or implicitly requires all of its users to be above the age of consent in that site's jurisdiction.

ABDL storefronts (e.g. ABUniverse) are permitted so long as they do not sell sex toys or other items intended exclusively for sexual use.

3.6. Roleplay

Roleplay is permitted (although Discord probably works better for this), we just ask that it not be graphic or explicit in nature.

If you choose to privately engage with more explicit roleplay with a user you met here, we encourage you to take your own measures to verify that person's age.

3.7. Artwork

Non-photographic, non-pornographic artwork is permitted including with diapers. Artwork with suggestive speech or poor taste may be removed at the moderators' discretion.

3.8. No personal ads, meetup requests, or posting your precise location

Please don't use NUK the World to try to find yourself a boyfriend, girlfriend, mommy, daddy, etc. This is a community, not a dating site. Posts created purely for the purpose of seeking a relationship will be removed.

Any content that reveals the precise location of a minor will be removed. Your "precise location" is subjective based on the part of the world you live in; in large countries like the US this would be anything more specific than the state you live in (such as your county, parish, city, borough, town or municipality). However, someone from a very small country like Luxembourg or Andorra might just want to say they're in Europe.

The mod staff strongly discourages any user here from meeting any other user in real life. Posts asking for real-life meetups will be removed. While we ultimately can't prevent users from arranging such meetings privately, we strongly caution that doing so is a serious risk to your personal safety and do not condone it under any circumstances.

If you choose to meet with someone anyway:

  1. Make sure your parent or legal guardian knows where you are
  2. Meet in a public place with lots of people around
  3. Chat with the person over video so you know that they're who they say they are
  4. Possibly add them on Facebook or some other social network that uses your real name

Again, the moderators DO NOT allow users to post their precise location (meaning, city/borough/municipality) and DO NOT allow public solicitation to meet in person.

3.9 No Harassment, Bullying or Posting of Personal Information

Language that can be considered harassing or bullying towards other users will be removed and reported to Reddit administrators for possible account banishment. This includes excessive requests for PMing or roleplay, or continuing to PM or roleplay after being asked to stop.

Do not post anyone's personal information, not even your own, to any public facility here on Reddit. Posting private information about someone else (aka doxxing) is strictly prohibited by Reddit's content policy and we will respond to such incidents with a permanent ban and reporting of your account to Reddit admins.

3.10 Abuse of services

The following activities are considered abusive and may not be undertaken against NUK the World at any time. Any of the behaviors below will generate an immediate and permanent ban:

  • Creating multiple accounts for any reason
  • Attempting to evade a ban
  • Use of a VPN or Tor to access NTW
  • Attempting to gain access to any portion of NTW beyond your allowed level of permission
  • Attempting to exploit any of the software running on NTW in order to cause a denial of service or privilege escalation

3.11. No solicitation of direct messages

While there are situations where PMs are appropriate, in general we do not want anyone posting on here simply looking for someone to DM with. Similar to "3.8, no personal ads", asking for all further conversation to take place over DM is not beneficial to the community. The justification for this rule is primarily as follows:

  1. Confining conversation to private messages reduces participation in the public forum, meaning others can't benefit from reading threads.
  2. Conducting all your communication privately makes it hard for the mods to make sure everyone is safe.

Posts along the lines of "I'm new here and looking for someone to talk to, message me if you're interested" will be removed.

4. Warnings/Bans

Moderators' decisions on bans are final and are effective across the forums and our official Discord server.

4.1. Minor offenses

If we believe you were not intending to break the rules, or for less serious offenses, you may receive a modmail explaining that you broke a rule and how to avoid doing so next time. Continued violation of the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

4.2. Major offenses

Posting content that is clearly pornographic or explicit, posting pictures of minors, or violating our Adult Rules of Engagement will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

As some of our moderators are mandatory reporters, if we become aware of abuse of minors, or the distribution of explicit images of or to minors, we will fulfill our legal obligation to report this content to the relevant authorities.